Exchange & Returns

Order cancellation and items return:


For a Customer who refused to accept a Purchase Order (pay on delivery method) more than two times, the Vendor provides the opportunity to purchase items, but only on condition that the Customer pays the goods via the Virtual POS Terminal. In the event that the Customer refuses to pay the Order in this way, the Vendor has the right to cancel the Purchase Order without specifically notifying the Customer.

Buyer’s cancellation of an already confirmed Purchase Order is made in the following order:

– Notification of Purchase Order cancellation by phone call to the phone number specified in Contacts section within 24 (twenty-four) hours after order was placed.

– Notification Purchase Order cancellation by e-mail to the email specified in Contacts section within 24 (twenty-four) hours after order was placed.

The Buyer has the right to refuse the Order if the entirety of the package and the items contained therein are damaged during transportation. For the avoidance of any doubt – if the integrity of the package is impaired but no damage to the goods has been done, the Buyer may not invoke this clause.

The return of goods to the Vendor shall be subject to the condition that the goods are in the same form in which they were received (with all the associated labels without being torn and / or demolished) and not treated with detergents (Perfumes, detergents, etc.), contaminated, damaged or used.

For the avoidance of any doubt, the Buyer may return the goods not later than the 14-day period commencing on the date of the Order delivery, as specified in the Commission for Consumer Protection.

For more about Commission for Consumer Protection, please visit:

The Address of the General Conciliation Commission of the Commission for Consumer Protection in Sofia *
Slaveykov Square 4 A
Sofia, 1000

The Seller agrees to provide the Buyer with the standard withdrawal form as set out in Appendix 6, which may be downloaded from this link:

The Buyer is not allowed to return swimwear/ bathing suits, underwear, jewellery and glasses. The Vendor reserves the right not to accept the return of these items and not to refund the amount paid by the Customer under Art. 57 of the CPA. For the avoidance of any doubt – when Customer returns swimwear/ bathing suits, lingerie, jewellery and glasses, the Vendor is obliged to return the goods back to the Buyer, with transport costs being borne by the latter.

When returning items back to Vendor, Customer must follow the steps below:


– Send back the original cash receipt of the returned item;

– Specify preferable way of return (commodity replacement, electronic voucher of return value, refund);

– Specify bank account details where the buyer wishes to be reimbursed the amount paid;


The return of goods from Buyer to Vendor is done by sending the items back, with Courier, to:

39 Stoian Zaimov str, Vratsa 3000, Bulgaria, tel.0898616754, for Monay Creations Ltd.

Upon return of goods, the transport costs are at the Buyer’s expense. For the avoidance of any doubt – the return of goods to the Vendor on behalf of the latter is considered a violation of these GTC. For the avoidance of any doubt – goods returned in this way will be accepted by Vendor as the latter reserves the right to withhold the amount paid when reimbursing the final amount back to Customer.

The return of goods to Vendor, with “cash on delivery” option is considered to be a violation of the current GTC. For the avoidance of doubt, the returned item/s will not be accepted by Vendor until the “cash” option has been cancelled.

The terms and conditions for return of goods are in accordance with the requirements of the Commission for Consumer Protection.



Payment Refunds:


In case of Order cancellation, the refund of the amount paid by the Buyer is made by Vendor solely by bank transfer.

Vendor is obliged to refund the amount paid by the Buyer within 7 /seven/ days from the date of the Buyer’s request for the return goods by submitting a document certifying the return to Vendor.

In the event that the Purchase Order has been paid by debit/ credit card via the Virtual POS Terminal, the amount will be refunded on the card account from which the payment was made.

In the event that the Purchase Order has been paid via ‘’cash on delivery’’, the amount will be refunded on the personal bank account specified by the Customer in Bulgarian Leva (BGN) or EURO.

In connection with the foregoing, the Vendor is not liable for an incorrect bank account. Vendor’s liability for refund is terminated at the time of the bank transfer to the account specified by the Customer.

In cases where the Buyer has requested an invoice to a legal entity, the latter receives a Credit Notice from the Vendor.